About us

It warms my heart to meet you here.

I am Ken W. Satori, the soul behind Spiritual Lotus LLC and the main voice you’ll hear on Spiritual-lotus.com

Why Spiritual Lotus

One day, in my Zen Garden, while meditating, I saw a radiant lotus flower unfurled in the depths of my soul. A soul signal that gave birth to Spiritual Lotus LLC.

Harnessing my 40 years of experiences in Feng Shui and my partners in Psychic medium (Spiritual Signs, Dream Interpretation, Astrology and Numerology), we glad here to help you to find and fulfill your destiny.

Our mission is to help all of you to connect with the Higher Soul (The Universe) and the Natural Energy to empower and grow your soul, then could navigate all life’s challenges. It’s a path to live in the well-being of enlightenment, prosperity, love, and happiness.

What We do

Our Vision and Mission

Spiritual Authenticity

Our commitment to delivering genuine, heartfelt insights and guidance on spiritual topics.


All information is based on our research, studying, real experiences, and trusted sources


Equipping our audiences with knowledge and tools to navigate their spiritual journey with confidence and strong belief.


Accompany and support individuals exploring spirituality, psychic phenomena, and related topics.

Meet our Spiritual Writers

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Simon Torres

Spiritual Writer

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Gina Chan

Numerology Writer

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Jenny Rivers

Astrology Writer

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